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Sparce Info

The Funeral will be in Spring Lake , North Carolina.

I do not have any info yet and i do not know if i'll be able to update.
her mom's address is :

Evangelyne D. LeBlanc
205b Scarborough ST.
Spring Lake, NC 28390

Her Cell phone # is: 910-308-5540

later on today we might have info. please check my journal cause if i can manage an update it'll be to my journal. now to embark on the hardest thing i've ever had to do. thank you all for your support and please stay in contact.

- Raven karasu_kakashi
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Very, Very Bad News.

it is with a heavy heart that i must be the one to tell everyone this horrible news. BloodXflower / Evangelyne Marie LeBlanc / Kittie was pronounced Brain-Dead today. I can barely even speak these words, let alone type them. this is what the doctor gave me to tell you:

"as eva recovered from her respiatory illness and her Oxy generation improved, we were able to stop her sedative medications, unfortunately she did not become responsive again. MRI of her brain revealed a large stroke, resulting in swelling of the brain. the damage to the brain stem cerebral blood flow study shows no flow which indicates brain death."

it has been 3 weeks since i last talked to her, and looking back i wish i could've stayed with her. she was put into CCU before i got there and was sedated.i can only hope she heard me under all of that. tomorrow they will take her off life support , she can not sustain her life without the machines. i'm so sorry to have to be the one to tell everyone this. she will be taken to north carolina for burial, and a small memorial service in corinth for the local friends. for everyone else so far away i'm sorry i can't do more.
i plan to turn this journal into a memorial also.

with a heavy heart karasu_kakashi
Loser Kittie


karasu_kakashi again.

for a reminder BloodxFlower is in the Critical care unit, she's on a heavy ventilator (last resort in cases such as this) the ventilator is running at 100%, which i guess it means 100% oxygen or something. she's stayed stable in a very ,very critical state. if she slips any further there's nothing they can do. so she's hanging on by a hair. her vitals are all good at this level. she's chemically paralyzed and also heavily sedated. meaning she can become conscious but unable to move or talk in anyway. they say she can hear us though. they tried last week to bring the levels down and her vitals dropped too much so they brought the levels back up and her vitals leveled again.

yesterday they were able to drop the heavy ventilator to 80% instead of 100% ,so if she'll stay stable eventually they will work her down to the normal ventilator then off it all together and she'll get to wake up. her mom is stay there with her and talking to her everyday, i'm recording a micro CD with me telling her to keep it up and i love her ,etc,etc, and they said i can play it in her room on repeat. well that's about it. i'll let you know if anything changes.
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Me again,

some hope for bloodxflower
here is something for you, now it's from a student nurse but she's going on what the doctors have been saying today. so it's still bad but very slowly getting better.

"On a special ventilator (stronger than normal one and usually last resort) right now ,but she's using less oxygen so she may get to go back to the regular ventilator tommorrow because she's doing better with her oxygen. which is a good thing. X-rays of her chest showed a bit of improvement, which is also a good thing."

I was told that today's X-ray looked ever so slighty better than yesterday's. which means she slowly going the right way. she is still very critical, but at least this is a sliver of good news.

-Raven (karasu_kakashi)
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karasu_kakashi again,

mother is now in tupelo with her. Her condition is unchanged , She's stable yet in critical condition. I was wrong about the type of infection, there is an Infection in her blood stream that effected her lungs. She is still on Life Support ( respiratory ) and they have been giving her antibiotics. If there are any changes I'll Update you.

***EDIT**** bloodxflower cannot receive mail in the CCU. If you need to mail something mail it to our home address. if you do not have that then add me to either your AIM or YIM and i'll give it you.

AIM: Karasu Kakashi
YIM: Karasu_Kakashi_clr
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Bad to Worse

ok, it's Karasu_Kakashi again. i got a call the SECOND i walked into work. it was the Hospital. BloodXFlower is in the Critical Care Unit, She's on Life support (just for her breathing) and too sedated to even talk. which she couldn't do anyway due to a breathing tube being in her throat. hopefully she heard me through all that even though she couldn't respond.

i'm the last person to panic and i've been unnerved all day. i know she'll fight through this cause she's strong.

My First Poll!

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If I get enough positive votes, I'll keep posting here. If I get enough negative votes, then I'll either switch it to another LJ so that non-LJ people may still read my drama as it unfolds.

I think you can do anonymous voting, so if you pick one of the mean answers, I may not want to know it was you....

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While Raven's immediate supervisors are kind of cool, it's the detached Management who don't work with him that we're mad at, I believe.

I asked Raven what he wanted to do about the whole Wal-Mart discrimination thing, and he told me that a single phone call from me to Corporate isn't going to accomplish anything. But what if five or six people besides me were outraged?

Here are the barebones details:
Collapse )

Our Wal-Mart is:
Wal-Mart Supercenter Store #105
2301 Harper Road
Corinth, MS 38834
(662) 287-3148

Corporate's info is:
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., Home Office
702 S.W. 8th Street
Bentonville, AR 72716

Or contact the Ethics Office:
Wal-Mart has an Ethics Hotline, which allows you to report a violation on a confidential and anonymous basis.
1-800-WMETHIC (1-800-963-8442).


Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Attn: Ethics Office
702 SW 8th Street
Bentonville, AR 72716-0860

PS: Please keep in mind that I am not "milking" my situation. Not being able to take care of myself is extremely inconvenient for me and a big blow to my ego. All I really want out of all this is for my bf not to lose his job and for me to eventually get better.

But telling me where I can and can't sit just because my bf is one of their employees is just fucking inexcusable.
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